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Brenda Francis

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I have been fortunate to live in several parts of the world, but for the  last 38 years, I have loved calling Houston, Texas home!  
Hello, I'm Brenda Francis and I am working to become your realtor!  Let me help you buy or sell your piece of Houston!  

From Pearland to The Woodlands, from Katy to Pasadena, and so many beautiful areas in between, Houston has a home for you.  

As  a kid, growing up in London,    I loved to look at old buildings and  wonder who built them.  I also realized that not everyone had a place to  live, and I wanted to help them, so I became a loan officer to show  potential homebuyers, how with a little sacrifice, they could afford a  home.

As  a realtor, I get the chance to help homebuyers AND sellers. Whether you  are a buyer or seller, let's work together to accomplish your goals!  From your front lawn, to the exterior of your home, to the furniture  that decorates the inside, YOU are the one who HOLDS the key!

I  have also lived in the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia and St. Thomas,  and I have found a few things to be true all over the world.  Homeownership can mean comfort, relaxation, pride and power!  It's the  equivalent of having the rights to how YOU LIVE. 

My goal, as a realtor, is to provide unparalleled customer attention that results in superior service.

Buyers, if it takes showing you several homes to find the right one, then  that's what I will do. Sellers, if you need help cleaning or staging  your home, or hosting an open house or two...or three, then that is what we will do.

The Houston area makes home ownership possible, affordable and enjoyable. Let's start your next journey together.

Buy (and sell) with Brenda...Brenda Francis! 

Professional affiliation includes: Houston Association of Realtors-(HAR); Texas Association of Realtors-(TAR);

National Association of Realtors-(NAR).